Hey from Indiana!

My name is Lindsey, and I have been keeping ball pythons for around 9 years now. Right now I have: 1.0 normal(my first), 1.0 spotnose fire, 1.0 black pastel hypo, 0.1 calibee, ?.? BEL and a clutch of seven that hatched last month! I love morph market for looking up fair market values not just selling, but also buying and I look forward to browsing the forums here and getting to know some of you! Included pic of my babies before they had shed.


Welcome Lindsey! We are also from Indiana. Good looking group there!


Good looking clutch Lindsey. Welcome to the group!

Thanks! I’m hoping I got my black pastel spider calico hold back but I’m not sure yet. Either way this one is my favorite


Welcome Serpents Nest is located near west indianapolis. So another hoosier here :joy::joy:


Awesome! Do you mean you have a store, or you are just located there?

Hello, I just found this place today…I’m also from Indiana. Nice to see some other people who enjoy this hobby so close. Been breeding Ball Pythons since 2006. I just really enjoy do this.


No current storefront unfortunately online sales only