Hey Good Lookin'! What Ya Got Cookin'?

Hey, what’s everyone got cooking in their incubators at the moment?

I’ve got 7 lovely eggs from an Enchi Lesser Fire x Super Pastel pairing that are due to pip any day now and I’m super excited.

I’ve got a few more pairings that I’m hoping will yield eggs in the near future in the form of:

Het Toffee x Phantom Het Toffee
Het Toffee x Het Toffee
Karma x Phantom
Butterbee Het Clown x Pastave Het Clown
Het Clown x Pastel Het Clown
Enchi Lesser Fire x Het Caramel Albino

Fingers crossed all goes according to plan :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome stuff!

My season is just about over, with 2 left in the 'bator. But still super excited to see what pips! This’ll be my 5th attempt at an 8 Ball Bamboo LOL.

Orange Dream HRA 100% het Pied x Firefly Pied
Bamboo Black Pastel x Cinnamon


Well ya know what they say @canadianregius , 5th time’s a charm :laughing:

Good luck, I hope it works out for you :grinning:


I’ve got 2 clutches left in the incubator. Really excited about both but for different reasons. First is a Super Mojave Ultramel x Lesser pairing. I’m excited because my first attempt at BEL het Ultramel went pretty badly this year.
Second is Pastel Gene X het Pied x Fire Gene X Pied. Excited for my first shot at Gene X Pieds


The only clutch I have currently in the incubator is a mojave ultramel x pewter bee pairing. 10 good eggs from this girl. She’s been an amazing producer for me. Creating hets for the future!


My last clutch for this year is from my EBN Blade clown male to my EBN Pastel Blade Het Clown female.
Hoping I can hit on a Pastel Super Blade Clown. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: 4 good eggs I got from them fingers crossed.

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