Hey guys! Need help identifying morph!

Hey guys! Need help identifying morph
Pairing was banana Enchi het clown to
Enchi clown.

Do you think it’s banana clown or banana Enchi clown?


In my opinion no Enchi… clown and Enchi together usually reduces the pattern more.


Concur with Kristen, you have a Clown Banana


Since both parents have Enchi wouldn’t most of them have the Enchi gene also?
Looks like a Banana Enchi Clown that I saw on MM for sale.

Not necessarily. Theoretical odds do not equal real life outcomes.

As an example, I bred a visual Albino to a het this season. The theoretical odds would say I should get 50% Albinos and 50% hets from the pairing. All of the babies were Albinos.

That same pairing, the male was BlkPastel. Again, I should have gotten 50% BlkPastel and 50% normal. All of them were BlkPastel.

Also in that pairing, the male carried annother Inc-Dom gene (I am keeping the full pairing quiet for now until the babies shed out and I can reveal everything). And again,theoretically I should have gotten 50% Inc-Dom and 50% normal. All four were Inc-Dom.

Also also in that pairing, the female carried a different Inc-Dom gene. So once again, theoretically I should have gotten 50% Inc-Dom2 and 50% normal. Three of the four were Inc-Dom2.

So just because both parents carry a gene, does not necessarily mean the babies will be guaranteed to inherit it


Ok, So for a future breeding I have planned if everything works out.
I have an Albino Mojave that I will breed to a Mojave Het Albino.
I think the pairing said It could produce 1 Cherry Bomb out of 6 eggs. Could I get more than 1 with the pairing?

It could produce more than one. But it also might not produce any.

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That would more than likely be my luck. “0” LOL!

Theoretical odds would be 1 in 8 (1:2 odds for Albino multiplied by 1:4 odds for SuperMojave)

Statistically unlikely but, like with my clutch, certainly possible


Well it did have 1/2 beside the
Cherry Bomb. Didn’t know what that meant. Still learning. Thank you!