Hgw in this?

I’m interested in making a HGW PIED, I’m not worried about if the Vanilla is in this or not can someone tell me if HGW and pied is in this?

Thanks in advance!



I’m no expert on HGW, but in this thread about HGW pieds it was mentioned that they are low white, so I definitely think that matches up. @saleengrinch works with those genes and would probably know

Whoever named that might want to come up with a better name for it than an “HPV ball” though :joy:


Thank you very much! Lol


What was the pairing for him?

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I was definitely thinking that name does no justice for that smoke show of a snake!!! Yes I work with both!!! Vanilla is also one of my specialty lol.Full disclosure I haven’t produced them!!! But I was thinking about a hgw pied project so I’ve looked at as many as I can find. That for sure looks like a hidden gene woma vanilla pied! And I would go for the vanilla version myself that’s what really makes the orange pop!!!


Thanks!!!, i might add vanilla after all lol

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The original post said hgw pied x vanilla ball but I wasn’t sure how many were in it exactly so I’m guesting the vanilla was het pied

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