Hi everybody! 😉

hello! I’m new around here and as an introduction I’d like to introduce also a new little guy I’m picking up as of Saturday! Id rather introduce myself with business persona in mind as well lol

Here’s the new little man :+1: pairing was a banana het DG het pied to a cinnamon, from his funky looks definitely guessing he’s het for both :eyes: I’m hoping to have a great time getting to know y’all around here and learning along the way!


Hello and welcome to the forum! That’s a pretty little baby that you are getting on Saturday! Does he have a name yet?

I think you will like it here, since you are looking forward to learning more! There are so many knowledgeable breeders and keepers here to advise you on just about anything you could possibly want to know! Plus we have a lot of fun as well!

So don’t be afraid to jump in at any time! :sunglasses:


so excited and hello! Little man here I’m believing I’ll name Dionysus or something similar lol