Hi everyone just a little about me

Hi everyone figured I should introduce myself as I have been here for a little time now. My name is Tom McCarthy of McCarthyBoas.com

I live in Northwest Indiana about 50 miles from Chicago IL. I am a carpenter, married for 30 years to my beautiful and patient wife. She has grown to like boas. LOL. I also have 4 kids and 4 dogs. Kids have a few other pets around my house to. Lizards, fish, tarantula, western hognose snake, corn snake and milk snakes. I still don’t like spiders they creep me out. But put a 20 foot + snake in front and I am all over it.

I am 56 years old and I got my first boa when I was 11 years old. She lived for 18 years. I have owned 100’s of boas over the years but right now I only have around 30 I think. I don’t count them anymore. LOL. I also have one reticulated python he is just pet I don’t breed them anymore. Don’t have the space for a lots of adult retics. I love boas more so the space is for them.

I only breed boas I want for myself as it’s only a hobby for me. I like lots of color and patter to my boas. I also like the bigger boas better. Don’t really care for the dwarf boas.

The extra boas I produce every year I whole sale off to other breeder or trade for stuff I want. I do sell a few to people who want them. I also give a few away every year to my Vet buddy and anyone I feel would be a good home for one.

I also enjoy fishing and hunting. I don’t do much hunting anymore but I do go salmon fishing every year. Here are a few pictures of me.

Take care


Beautiful fish! Wish I could get the river salmon dialed where I live lol.

It’s great to have someone with your boa experience in the community.


Are those MI rivers you are fishing? Looks like a great stream!

Yes the PM river in Baldwin MI

Thought I recognized that! Claybanks is one of my favorite campsites! Moved to NH last summer, and I really missed the Fall runs…

But, we really wanna see pics of giant snakes, too!

Here are two old pictures of me with my friend Jim Gaspar’s retics.


:flushed: :dizzy_face: :exploding_head: whoa!!!

Welcome to the community Tom! :smiley:

Nice to see a fellow carpenter who also keeps reptiles.
Welcome !