Hi from Ireland

Just wanted to introduce myself . My name is Dave and I’ve kept snakes for about 20 years on and off. I’ve had Hognose, Corn’s, Boa’s and Ball Pythons (or royal python’s as their know on this side of the pond).

I currently have 4 ball pythons, a yellow brick road, a bamboo, a black pastel and a normal. I’ve never bred so looking forward to getting into that side of reptile keeping. So expect lots of silly questions to come…



Welcome to the community Dave!


Hello welcome to the forums!


Hey Dave :wave:
Welcome to the family :blush:

We’d love to see your snakes when you get a spare moment :wink:

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Hi dave and welcome. Any pictures of yours animal’s would be more than appreciated… we are all about the snelfie​:grinning::+1:

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Thanks very much for the very warm welcome all :grinning:

Here’s some photos of my animals

1st 3 are my female yellow brick road. She has a cool “Playboy” head stamp :smiley:
2nd 2 are my male bamboo.
3rd 2 are my female black pastel
4th 2 are my male normal

And yes they are on a bed… but it was laundry day :shushing_face:


That bamboo doesn’t look like a bamboo. Looks like a clown.


He was bought from a reputable store in Dublin with a lot of experience, and sold as a bamboo. I had my suspicions as I haven’t seen a bamboo like him before. Bamboo’s are not very common in Europe so I hadn’t seen any in the flesh. He may well be a clown. I’ve been looking at Chris Hardwick’s channel a lot lately thinking mine don’t look like that :thinking:

His eyes are not noticeably blue either and bamboo’s are BEL right? His are slightly greenish in the top portion.
I can post more pictures of him tomorrow. Any major identifiers for clown or bamboo I should be looking to capture?

His owner is a bit of a clown for sure :joy:

Thanks for the heads up ashleyraeanne

After some investigation I’m thinking my bamboo is indeed a clown, a Mojave Clown. I’m waiting for the store I got it from to confirm, and I think he may be a she :flushed:

It appears that there was a few clowns involved in this purchase, mainly me, the guy who posted the listing and the guy who sold him/her to me as a bamboo.

I can confirm that I am from Ireland, I am a male and possibly het clown too :rofl:

Thanks again to @ashleyraeanne for stating what now seems like the very obvious.


So the store got back to me and as @ashleyraeanne pointed out my bamboo is indeed a Clown. She is a Mojave Clown. There was a mix up in the breeder list that they received so was misidentified and misadvertised.

I guess this is kinda good news as I paid bamboo male price for a Mojave Clown female and now that I have 3 females I have a great excuse to get another male if I plan to breed.

With all Clowns now identified in this post :flushed: I would like to thank all again for the warm welcome and apologize for any confusion caused.


Hahaa that’s great news buddy, if you plan to breed definitely get clown or het clown and away you go with the wonderful world of hets. I’m well chuffed for you.

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You got super lucky there!!

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