Hi 👋From Knights Royal Pythons!

Hey guys, my names Adam I’m a small hobbyist collector/ aspiring breeder f royal pythons and corns based in Manchester U.K. I think this morphmarket community page is a brilliant idea, I love talking snakes and genetics, so it’s awesome to have a page dedicated to it with access to lots of cool people with the same interests! Awesome! Go morphmarket! Anyone ever fancies talking snakes hit me up on here :call_me_hand: or go check me out on instagram.


Bit late to this but :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: hi, I’m from Manchester UK aswel. What’s your Instagram?

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Hey my snake loving friends!!! This place is great having others to talk to and who understand your obsession! So welcome and I look forward to talking with you!

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Welcome! I haven’t met too many royal owners from U.K. I wish royal python was the more common name in the U.S. Ball python sounds comparatively silly. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: What morphs are in your collection?

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I said that exact same thing yesterday to my brother in law.
If you were to choose a bad-ass name, ‘royal’ and ‘python’ are quite hard to beat.
‘ball’ takes a lot of the coolness from that. :joy::joy:

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Ball cause they curl up in a ball :joy: USA

Royal as royalty usto wear them round there necks we defo have more class :joy: UK

Used to* Brit. If you’re going to insult us Yankees do it with proper English. Lol

Do you fellas find the hobby is as popular in the UK as in the US?

I’m no English :joy: I’m Scottish it’s not as big as in America but I’m new to it but I’m Just getting into the breeding , there a few good breeders over here tho I’m gonna get a mixture some from Ukand some from USA , I reckon USA. Have a lot the genetics we want over here .

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I didn’t realize Scots said “I reckon,” so much, I thought that was an Australian/New Zealander thing

Depends what part a reckon :joy:

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Considering how small of a country we are compared to the US and Canada I’m surprised at how many people have snakes.

That being said though, I live in one of the top 5 major cities over here and there is only a handful of reptile shops and only 1 breeder on MM with 50+ ads.

50+ ads - five breeders
25 -49 ads - twelve breeders

So not to bad but my city could be doing better. London is thriving.


I’m from Edinburgh Scotland and we have no reptile shops , pets at home is about as good as it gets :see_no_evil:

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Be the change you wish to see.

How have I not responded in here yet?
Welcome to the community @knightsroyalpythons!