Hi from Sublime Reptiles

Thank you for the invite!

A bit about me, I am Melissa Walker owner of Sublime Reptiles. I started keeping reptiles in 1998 starting with bearded dragons. In 2006 I got my first crested gecko, 3 other shortly followed after that! I started with a focus on light based crazy patterned animals and that is still my top goal. I started keeping chahouas in 2009. Since then we have started keeping and breeding phelsuma (currently working with robertmertensi), gargoyles, and mourning geckos. In 2020 our breeding projects will be expanding to E. agricolae, and leachianus.

Outside of geckos, I am a science nerd. I am a lab tech/chemist specializing in testing water to ensure the quality of water going into Lake Erie, and also testing water samples taken from local Lake Erie beaches to ensure they are safe for the public to be swimming in.

Thanks for having me!


Very cool. I’d planned on someday getting a group of mourning geckos for a small desktop viv. Curious if they always look the same since they are parthenogenetic or if there is still variance somehow?

How big of an enclosure is needed for a small group of robertmertensi?

Most phelsuma are best kept as 1.1, trios will actually result in a pair bonding and beating up in the odd female. I recommend for a pair at least a 18 x 18 as they will use the space.

I have 3 mourning geckos in a 18 x 24. Generally speaking each locale of them do have some differences in physical appearances. And my 3 females are not completely identical, but to someone who didn’t look hard at them they wouldn’t realize they look different. I have eggs in there somewhere from them so I guess in a few months I will find out lol!