Hi I am Reptile keeper and I'm looking for dealer

Hi everyone,
Sorry if I came to wrong place. But nice to meet everyone here. My name is Tanat and I breeding insects and reptiles from Thailand.
I am looking for some help or who can suggest me where I can contact dealer, exporter or breeder from USA EU or another country who can export reptile (like Ball python, king, milk snake and ETC.) overseas to Asia with legal permit?


Hi we do not recommend breeders however what you can do is go on morph market the market place and filter according to the criteria that matter to you from species to price to export.

And once you find some simply contact them directly through morph market


First of all welcome :wave:.

What reptiles and insects to you breed?

These links should help.

European sellers that ship to Thailand

American sellers that ship to Thailand

South African sellers that ship to Thailand



Welcome! Hope you are able to get the animals that you want.