Hi I’m Sean Bergman owner of E-ville Geckos!

Hello my name is Sean Bergman I own E-ville Geckos located in Evansville Indiana and I use MorphMarket to post my animals up for sale for shipping and local pick up!

I’ve been breeding primarily Leopard Geckos on and off for around 10 years. I’m a small scale breeder but I’m also a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my Leopard geckos.

The projects I’m working on are mainly genetics/phenotypes in there “raw” form I mainly use geckos that are either non het or with only a single phenotype/gene being exhibited. I try to preserve lines and genetics in there rawest form. I also am a big fan of working with genetics or lines that are less widely available.
My most exciting project in my opinion that I’m working on currently is my ghost project where we are trying to enhance its distinctive markings while also keeping it in its most base form.

Here are some links to my social media I’d really appreciate it if you followed me on each one!

MorphMarket Store: E-ville Geckos - MorphMarket

Facebook: Log into Facebook | Facebook

Instagram: Instagram

Twitter: @evillegeckos


Beautiful animals! :heart_eyes: And welcome to the forum!


Omg your geckos are stunners, i love geckos and monitors. Welcome!


Welcome to the forum! I’m actually pretty close to Evansville, I’m in Oakland City :grin:

Beautiful geckos!!


Welcome, and hello, Hoosier! I wondered when I saw “E-ville” in the thread title. I spent my growing years Clark County, IN. I love seeing growth in the exotics hobby in my home state. You’ve got beautiful animals!


Thank you! Yeah it’s kind of surprising how many breeders and hobbyists are located in the Midwest!
Thanks for the welcome!


Those leopard geckos are super high quality! They look amazing!


Super awesome looking animals and welcome!!! I might have to make some more room for more geckos at this rate :joy: