Hi im new, from Idaho

Hello im new to morphmarket, I live in Idaho, but ill most likely move, I plan on getting a snake in a year or so, so I plan on preparing a year ahead, I hope I can gain alot of information on Ball pythons or Boas here. ^-^


HI and welcome. We are happy you are here and Please feel free to ask questions. We have a lot of good people here happy to help.


Welcome! Theres plenty of information around, id suggest browseing the BP section to see if any of your questions have been asked and answered, if there is any more or you just prefer to have a discussion start your own topic and im sure plenty of users would love to help and make sure you have the best info to care for your future snake!


Welcome to the family. :wave::blush:
Already you are proving to be a amazing snake owner :muscle: and you don’t even own one yet.

Do as much research as you can and you will enjoy your journey 100x more.