Hi I'm Rylee

Hi y’all I’m Rylee - I would call myself a seasoned crested gecko owner and a first year breeder

I’ve got 27 geckos (and possibly counting) 13 adults and 14 little super duper rockets produced by yours truly :rofl:

(I’ve got a pixel 7 pro some of my photos don’t like to upload because they’re to hefty with pixels so fingers crossed my photos show up okay!!)

My father always told me “Rylee if you love what you do for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life”

So I said

Dad Im going to breed geckos for a living.

That was at 12 geckos :laughing:

Anyways, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a zoo in 10 years from now… I really would love to be able to breed more than just crested geckos. Ackie monitors and leachianus geckos are high up on my list of cold blooded friends to look at! One day… :smiley:


Hi Rylee!!!

I am a Riley too :upside_down_face:. It is nice to welcome you to our family on here. I hope that you like it here and don’t feel hesitant to reach out if you need anything or have any questions about this environment. I would love to see more pictures of your geckos if you’re able to get them to upload :wink:. Anyways welcome to our family again :blush:.


Of course!

this is lovely lady Cream

One of my hatchlings I call them wild child
Who was recently upgraded to a bigger home
DOB 09/22/23 just over a month old and this picture was taken on Oct. 5th!! Growing like a weed!!! Absolutely loves pangea. Quite the character to, during tank cleaning days and misting/feeding she’ll come out say hi but the moment that food dish is in she’s inside her house again :rofl:


Riley you forgot to tag the other Riley to come say hi to Rylee.

Anyway welcome! Feel free to ask any questions! What is your dream reptile? Do you plan on ever owning snakes? What about inverts? I hope we see you around more as this is a great place!

The grandmaster welcomer @caron sould be here soon


Fine :upside_down_face:

@erie-herps you can say hi :rofl:


Welcome to the forum! Your geckos are adorable. I especially love that first one.


Ok I have been tagged as Grandmaster welcomer but actually I’m a “Grandmother” welcomer! :joy: But thank you @logar!

Anyhoo! Welcome Rylee to the 2nd best place on earth! The First Best is coming soon!

You have some outstanding little gecko buddies but your pictures look like professional photos! Are you a photography buff?

Again, welcome and we are certainly glad to have you here! So far I know of only one other person with the same name spelling…….and I also like your MM name too!

You will love it here!!! :pray::heart:


Welcome to the community Rylee! Your geckos are so cute! :heart_eyes:


Thank all of y’all for the very warm welcome!!
I have a Pixel 7 Pro! My main priority ( although not the most important priority :joy: ) when buying a smart phone is a really good camera. I bought the first Google pixel that came out loved the camera on that one. So five years and 3 pretty glamorous iPhone after I got my Pixel 7 pro. I would love to get into professional photography one day but as of right now I like to think my Pixel captures the details I look for :grin:

All four photos were taken with my Pixel and Miss Houdini had to get some spotlight too!!


Wow those photos are stunning! Isn’t it amazing how much beauty there is surrounding us still amidst all the strife. Thank you for reminding me Rylee! :pray:


Welcome to the gecko family Rylee number 3! :laughing:

Cresties are the most amazing reptile you’ll own. :smirk: not biased or anything…

Lovely cresties, please show us more :face_holding_back_tears:


We actually have a good number of Rileys/Rylees here, just there are a few that are very active :wink:


Ya know, we can never have to many Crestie breeders here:) I myself am looking forward to breeding my first pair this upcoming year.

What morphs are you working with right now?



Currently I haveeee (adults only in this list!)

A bicolor orange girl
A patternless orange girl with a whole whopping TWO dal spots
A harlequin orange girl
A tricolor pinstripe girl (not a full grown adult but she’s growing like a weed!)
A Red dalmatian girl with black and olive spots :slight_smile:
Not a breeder but I also have an older male named Harley (10 years old) who has some scaring around his crown near his eyes possibly from being put with another male or a really dominant mad female. Anywho he’s living it up by himself in a bioactive!!

I have my younger males

A blushing Lilly white male who was an absolute stunner this season with the most funky kiddos

A extreme yellow harlequin male who is still a “young buck” with extreme temper issues :confused: it’s cool he’s gonna be paired with my high sass female next season they’ll be good for each other I don’t know about the kiddos though…

I also have my older male Hogan who is pretty much white with some light gray colors fires up almost black! He is from altitude exotics, surprisingly he’s about 7 years old and this is his first season the person I got him from didn’t end up using him as a breeder. I just had one of his kiddos hatch out the other day!! Fingers crossed his kiddo gets his disposition!!!


Welcome to the community! I don’t know much about cresties, but I know yours are very pretty! Enjoy the company in this community, it’s really a nice, easygoing place!:smiley:


Hi Rylee! Im Ryleigh aswell!


Hi :wink:! Nice to meet you too!


Welcome to the forums from another Riley. :rofl: I’m also a crestie breeder too.