Hi! Need a set of eyes

Hi! We just bought this breeding pair from the owner of a local pet store who breeds geckos. With this quarantine in New York we thought it would be fun to breed geckos. Of course, now I’m obsessed with them. Can anyone tell me what morphs these are, and whether they seem healthy. We’ve been feeding them Pangea three times a week and live crickets and misting their tank twice a day. They’ve been spending a lot of time of the ground or hiding in this log we got them or inside the base of this metal platform we got. The male, Major, dropped his tail before we got him and the female has laid eggs before but the male hasn’t ever fertilized eggs. Thanks for any and all advice! image image image image


Seems a little strange that theyre low down frequently. Does their enclosure have like hanging plants and cover etc? Also whats the temperature in there?

They look like a cracking pair - miss my cresties! Working on my other half to let me have another, but my pythons creep her out enough as it is! :joy:

I think it’s a little cold. We try to keep it between 70-78. There are a lot of hanging plants and cork and a log so I think it may need to be warmer. Thank you for your reply! Hope you get another crestie soon.

Yeah, needs to be 75-80°F during the day, and can drop to 70°F at night. Maybe as low as 65°F but I wouldn’t recommend it. Also, cresties are not rhacodactylus. They are Correlophus. They used to be considered rhacodactylus until scientist figured out they are a bit different from them. So I suggest changing your tags. I am also going to need slightly better pictures if I am to take a guess on the morphs.

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Yeah if have the hottest park at the top at stound 80f. Achieve this with a bulb on the top of the tank attatched to a dimming thermostat and turn it down at night, easy! Good luck

Hi! Looks like you certainly grabbed a stunning pair! The photos are a little blurry on my end, so I can’t say for certain, but the male looks to be a high-expression harlequin, with maybe some white-walling? As well, he seems to have some dalmatian spots… it doesn’t look like quite enough to be considered a full dal, and I know there’s a term for it, I just can’t quite remember it at the moment. The female looks to be a full or 100% pinstripe harlequin, with, from what I can tell, either portholes or some white-walling. Cresties are one of those, though, that are pretty hard to identify, and I’ve seen different people identify the same gecko as many different things so… take it with the grain of salt I guess, hahah! I wish you luck! I have a male that looks almost identical to your female, and he’s produced some really stunning geckos, so I wish you the same!

Ah, as well, I would recommend bulking them up a little bit, definitely not to too much, but they appear a tad on the thin side, and you definitely don’t want the females calcium levels to deplete too much while producing eggs. As well, I would recommend keeping their enclosures substrate pretty moist, not damp, but enough that if any eggs are laid they will stay hydrated and not deflate. Hope it goes well for you!