Hi new and obsessed

Hi I’m Jackob.
I was one of those who had a phobia of snakes. Then I got a snake. My Hercules. Didn’t happen over night but we both grew together. Now I’m obsessed and have three royal/balls. Herc is an orange ghost and 18m old. Affy is a lemon blast and 10m old and Zeus is a year old and a ‘lithium’ cinnamon butter. Also thinking about taking on a super fire caramel albino female.

Just looking to learn and make friends. Have a great day everyone.


Welcome! So glad you got over your fear! Beautiful babies.


I love to hear about people who make the shift from fear to joy! Welcome to this wonderful community, Jackob. Your snakes are charming. I especially love the middle picture with you and one of your buddies.


Welcome! I have to say that is one beautiful classic orange ghost you have! I had a orange ghost as one of my first breeders ever! Nice!:+1:


Welcome to the community @jackoutthebox !
Beautiful babies! You’ve definitely come to the right place to learn. There are so many experienced keepers here and so much to learn.
Congratulations on getting over your phobia.
I had the same with snakes when I was young. I had a couple of cousins who thought it would be funny to grab me and act like they were going to throw me in a snake pit we found out in the desert of Arizona.
It took decades to overcome that.


Hey there @jackoutthebox! A great big welcome to you and so glad you found this forum family! Your snakes and pictures are great! If you stick around you will make a lot of friends and learn a ton of things! For me this place is addicting and I am on here a LOT!

One word of caution though. There is a boa “club”, a BP “club” and an STP “club”. You are already in the BP club but you will be urged to join the boa and STP club! Lol!

All kidding aside, great to have you Jackob! :blush: