Hi! New guy here!

New here. Thanks for having me! Sent over here by a friend


Hope you like it here


welcome! Who is this? Are they a normal? (Forgive me, still learning and im partial to carpet pythons, so ball pythons still elude me haha)


A mahogany that just laid! She’s super chill


Ahh! So browns are more of a dark red then? Congrats on the clutch!

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I never thought of that in this picture! She’s brown. I think that’s the light playing tricks on us. Good catch!!

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Haha lighting has its ways! Some people know how to work photo magic to bring out the best in their animals, this was definitely a greta pic with a good backdrop, the woodchips definitely give the image of her browns being more red, gives me some ideas for if i take pictures of mine, may set up a seperate tank that i can switch out the substrate to make their colors “pop”. Definitely gets me thinking :slight_smile:

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I like the idea of the light box!

There sure are some interesting characters in this bunch that’s for sure!!

Welcome to the community

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Thanks!! I appreciate it!!

Your friend have good taste :laughing: Wellcome from my behalf also :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Welcome! I’m new as well and this seems to be a very friendly place.

This isnt a hit on anyone, it is a friendly place for the most part, you just need to have tough skin haha. There are many passionate and knowledgable members on the forum, but because of that sometimes there are differences of opinion. As long as you take advice posts as what they are meant to be, and not as personal attacks, youll be fine :slight_smile:
On the normal though, everyone just chats along and shows off their animals and clutches haha.