Hi there from a pet lover!

Hi there, I go by Enn and I’ve been lurking around on MorphMarket for a few years looking at all the pretties but haven’t joined the community till now :slight_smile: I have 4 leopard geckos (as seen above posing for a family photo haha) 1 crested gecko who avoids interaction at all costs, and 1 very sassy guinea pig. I like to do digital art and watch anime in my free time, and plan on becoming an exotic pet breeder specializing in leopard & crested geckos, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, degus, and pacman frogs!


Hi and welcome to our community! I believe that you will fit right into our family. Feel free to share any pictures of your herps (we don’t care about photo dumps).


Welcome to the community!

Yes, do share pictures :crossed_fingers:

I keep Crested Geckos, I’m obsessed with them.

We have plenty of posts you can join in to or make your own discussion such as this one! There is even one for him reptile pets do you Guinea pig didn’t get left out :relaxed:

Your leopard geckos are very cute, I read in one of your posts that they were practically given to you!

They look like they will make great pets.

What Crestie do you have? I have some scardy Cresties (they are customer once out of the enclosure), but I also have some very friendly ones.

I love the different personalities in each of them.


Welcome to the community and I love the little family photo! :smiley:

What type of anime do you watch? Top 3 favorites of all time?


Naruto is definitely going to be my number 1 favorite, since I grew up watching it. Other than that Im not sure I can choose top ones since I have a lot of favorites, but Noragami, Jujutsu Kaisen, and junji ito collection are up there for sure :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community! I spend entirely to much time watching anime and also a huge fan of hedgehogs!


Welcome again!!
Would love to see pics of your lot when you can get some :heart_eyes:
I am loving the Leo’s though, the little dark one is adorable!!
Anime, yes!! Tokyo Ghoul? :yum:

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I just got 2 new leos from someone on craigslist who can no longer care for them, theyre both adult females, one is a chocolate albino and the other is a reverse stripe snake eyed gal :slight_smile: