Hi there! (Introduction)

Hi everyone! I’ve been lurking on the forums here for a while and figured I should finally introduce myself. My name is Sara and I’m relatively new to keeping reptiles (snakes specifically) but I’ve loved snakes my whole life. I remember being maybe 5 years old at a library presentation on snakes, and I was the kid volunteering to hold ALL the snakes lol. I’m finally at a place in life where I have the space, money, and stability to keep snakes and in March got my first snake Ember (pictured). She’s a Tessera Okeetee corn snake and a dream come true! So sweet, gentle, and curious. I also recently bought a dream snake of mine for my birthday - an IMG boa. She should arrive in the next couple weeks! Just wanted to say hello to everyone and have a place where I can gush about my snakes, since there’s not many people in my personal life who understand why I like snakes so much. I look forward to meeting you all!


Hey @starchild26 Hello Sara! So glad you are not lurking anymore! It’s much more fun to participate! Your corn is lovely! Her coloring is so pretty! And congratulations on your new arrival! You have most certainly started your collection with a couple of wonderful choices! I have to warn you, however, if you stick around you just might end up expanding your collection? Lol

I know what you mean about people who are not “snake” people! Lol! But you won’t have to worry about that here!

Can’t wait to see your new baby Sara! :blush:


@caron Thank you! And nice to meet you :blush:

I already have a list of snakes I plan on getting someday lol. It didn’t take me long to become a “snake person.” On my list is a black pine snake, and I actually met a breeder at a local expo that has black pine snake eggs currently incubating! We exchanged contact info and he said eggs should be hatching sometime in August. Hopefully I can get one. At that same expo I met another breeder who is going to try pairing his Eastern Indigos this season (they breed in winter apparently). I would DIE to have one of those so I also got his information. I told myself I’d limit myself to 4 snakes, and with those two I mentioned, I’d be at 4. However, I have more snakes on my “someday” list (palmetto corn snake, perhaps another boa…) :upside_down_face: Trying to fight that “just one more” mindset. There’s just so many cool snakes out there!

I will definitely post a picture of my new boa baby once she arrives!


Welcome to the community! What a bright corn! I am sorry to say though it may already be too late for you! Trying to limit yourself to 4 snakes and already thinking about another corn and boa! I think that possibly you could be addicted already!! Just know you came to the right place, we are all addicted to these wonderful creatures!!:joy:
Seriously though, everyone is really helpful and nice, except when being a smart—!


Welcome, Sara, @starchild26 ! You’ve come to the right place to find people who totally get the pleasure of gushing about your snakes! Be warned, though; we are maybe not the best bunch to help you limit yourself to four! :rofl:
Ember is a beauty, great color contrast! We look forward to seeing pics and hearing more of the others as they arrive in your life.
Welcome again!


@banereptiles Thank you! She seems to just keep getting brighter with each shed. And you’re right, I’m definitely addicted! Everyone does seem quite nice here, which is why I finally decided to make a post. It’s refreshing to see such a supportive, kind, and passionate online community!


@caryl Thank you for the warm welcome! I will definitely be posting pictures as my collection grows.

I’m already starting to notice this :sweat_smile:


Hello Sara