Hi to all from an aspiring herpetologist and breeder

Hi there! I’m a new user here to Morph Market, and look forward to liking and wishlisting whilst I wait on moving house to be able to start buying new reptiles!

I currently own one absolutely spoiled three year old bearded dragon, and I have a reasonably short wishlist as well. I joined Morph Market in the hopes of finding some beautiful morphs, and species that I can purchase, for both pets, and perhaps my own future breeding programmes (Though this wont be for a few years) I am particularly interested in Pied ball pythons, super dalmation cresties, bullsnakes, and a few species.

I am patiently awaiting the start of University this year where I will be doing a Bachelors in animal behaviour and training, with a focus on Herpetofauna and exotics, as well as partaking in a trip to Madagascar to study (hopefully) the behaviour and camouflage abilities of the Uroplatus - Leaf tailed gecko - species.

My holy grail reptile would likely be a monitor, or a Gila monster.

Thanks for reading!
Relic Exotics