Hibernating tegu

So owner of a black and white tegu. It would appear he is hibernating. Im unfamiliar with hibernating animalscand am unsure what course if actions tontake. He hasnt come out in over a week (he is alive). No food, no water as far as i can tell. Just concerned i guess and seeking some amswers

@vargo4078 Argentine tegus DO brumate contrary to what places like the major pet stores will tell you. This info gets messed up because MOST Columbian tegus do not brumate. But if you have a black and white Argentine, chances are, he’s just doing what is natural! :grimacing: They can start brumating behaviors as young as a year old. But as always, you should consult your exotic veterinarian and make sure it’s not an illness. Do some research on brumation if this is your first time hearing about it. Should put your mind at ease a bit. lol

I agree with iamgroot. Argentinians brumate, not hibernate. It isn’t as deep a sleep, so you should still provide water and occasionally try some food to see if it wants to eat. Mine did not during the winter. They brumated in my downstairs shower stall (nobody showered there). Imagine the surprise of a cleaning lady when she opened the shower door!