so this is my first time ever water snake and colubrid (always had boas) and I never hibernated a snake any tips to do it? I have problems because I have it in a vivarium and without any type of heat is 19C - 66F but the plants without any type of uvb light they die pretty fast (grass) but with the uvb the temperature near it like 10 cm gets 28 C so the snake dont go to “sleep” and go instead to bask


You could move the snake to a separate enclosure for brumation, and leave the plants in the vivarium with the UVB, then just move the snake back when spring comes.

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ok sounds good but do I have to prepare a special hide for him to brumate??

You can take his usual hide(s) out of the vivarium and put them in the hibernation enclosure. It could help him feel at home. I brumate animals in their usual enclosure (don’t have plants to worry about) and don’t give them any special hides, just the usual stuff.

ok thank u

Are you breeding? I don’t think you have to brumate a nonbreeding snake. Maybe look into your particular species and brumation in general before jumping into anything.


I saw and usually breeders brumate them even if are newborn

or instead of brute her I could just lower the temperatures to make her feel the change of season?

I think breeders brumate to get them ready for breeding season. Lowering the temp might work, their not snakes but my Eastern blue tongue skink decided to brumate even though the temperature stayed the same, maybe the length of daylight?


usually my daylight times from 2 pm to 7-8 pm I will do like 3-4 H per day

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Im pretty sure you could just put them in a separate slightly smaller tub with a hide and water source and they would be perfectly fine. Also remember if you are going to brumate; dont feed your snake around a month beforehand, no heat means they wont digest the food and it could rot inside them…which would really suck.

Emily from Snake Discovery does great videos on brumating her breeding bullsnakes and hognoses.

actually I didnt brumate her because she is from south spain so she rlly dont need that