High White Dreamsicle arrival!

Expanding my dreamsicle bloodlines!

This nice little female just in from JCC reptiles. She was produced by Stan Chiras. My other dreamsicle project pieds are higher patterned and I thought it would be interesting to mix things up a bit with a little more white.


She is gorgeous!

I didn’t think low white/high white on pieds affected the outcome of animals produced.
What are you trying to aim for with her? :smiley:


@akmorphs I have heard both that it is and isn’t random the amount of white parents can throw. There was a thread on here awhile back it was discussed and if my memory serves correctly most of the experienced keepers that chimed in said it is random. @stewart_reptiles

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I believe this is the thread you are looking for Piebald Genetics

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I have 0 experience producing pieds as I’m new to ball pythons in general but the general consensus seems to be that it is random. When I spoke to Chaise at Justin’s facility he said they are known for their higher patterned pieds ( I was picking up a high pattern yb pied het lav at the time). If certain breeders are known for producing one way or another that tells me there could be a little more to it. Coming from a boa breeding background I think ball python breeders focus too much on single gene mutation stacking and not enough on selectively bred polygenics. More so than the genetics behind it I was just looking for a female from different bloodlines (most of my stuff is from JKR).

Not sure on my exact plans, just building my army of females based around pied/lavender. Might go the grail route to get into clowns… also thinking of getting confusion in the mix. After seeing how well leopard does with lavs I think confusion will take them to a new level. Lots of directions to go especially with double homozygous breeder females in a few years. Can’t wait!


I can’t wait to make my own plus adding a little banana to it!

Beautiful snake!!!

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Very pretty! congrats

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Wow!! Gorgeous addition😍