“High white” Shiro Utsuri project

Slowly been isolating these “high white” Shiro Utsuri’s out of my colony. Will be pretty cool to see how this little side project turns out.


I too am going to be separating high white isopods from my dairy cows, also the brown spotted, yellow coloured and seems some reddish? Can’t wait to see variations in the other isopods we have!

High whites are lovely, a lot of people here in the uk have fun with all the colours!
Enjoy :relaxed:

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I love Isopods, and if you have them, why not try to have a little fun with it :crazy_face:


@hellfire_exotics Joe those awesome! Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

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Those are so cool! Somebody has got to make some high-black/brown pied Shiro Utsuri some day!