Hiya ciyld anybody help me i.d this clown ball python pl3ase

Hiya i was woundering if anybody could tell me what clown ball oythin this is as dont look like any normals iv

e seen with this head stamp


What was parents?

Thinking leopard clown :thinking:


Thats what im thinking but the person i brought him off didnt tell me the pairing , he just said its a clown woth a strange h3ad stamp , hes been breeding 47 years so im not sure if it was retained sperm from the season b4 , 3 people have said its leopard clown whi h from looking at pics i think its is aswell but the bloke i got him off said it mite be a new clown a fanta clown so im not sure , thanks for replying tho , also this is my forst year breeding and my female locked my male 6 times and was constantly on cool side , shes been pretty much off food for the last 3 weeks rakjng the odd mouse instead off small adult rat so checked once a day for ovulation , i thought i see her abit swollen but werent sure but for the last 2 weeks shes been constantly on her hot spot , os this a bad sign or good sign as i see they normally only heat seek after ovulation, jist woundering if i misswd it somehow

Could you post a full body picture of the snake please?

Heres a few off him

I would ask him what the pairing was.

Ive just found him so ive messaged him once he gets back to me ill let u know cheers for your help

Just got a reply from tge bloke i brought him off he said it was a mystery orange cliwn female and a fire clown male

Ask for parent pics. X

These were the parents

He said the clown i got frim him may be a new gene and is being tested atm so will keep everybody informed

Fanta is a pretty new gene iirc. I think it’s all on the UK side of the pond ATM? I haven’t heard or seen much about it yet though. That could be why you’re having a problem trying to get an ID.

Edit: did a quick little Google search and it does seem like the breeder may be right about fanta. The headstamp does look similar. Here’s one that had been up on MM that also has carnivore so take that with a grain of salt I suppose

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I’d ask for pics of parents. People here can help identify them too.


Thays what the bloke i brought him off thinks it mite be tbf i just didnt want to day anything till we know now i know the blokes getting his one tested so can get to the bottom off ot , i just brought him for 80 pounds so if it is a new gene off clown ill be a lucky lad and a very happy lad lol

I did ask but didnt send any yet just said hes in the middle off having his one t3sted and would let me know but it mite be the new fanta gene clown which will be a bouns as i brought him for 80 as a clown

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