Hog Island Boa Not Eating

Hi all, I have a Hog Island boa that’s about 2 years old and recently went 4 weeks without a meal (ignored F/T rat each week until that point). He ate on week 4 so I held off two weeks as he was in shed and now it’ll have bene 3 weeks this Sunday that he hasn’t eaten again. Things I’m curious about… It seems to have a better feeding response to rats that aren’t completely white. Is this possible? This weekend I’m thinking about putting him in a tub to feed rather than feeding in his cage. Open to other options as well!


He could be refusing food since he’s old enough to breed and the weather changes can kick that drive into gear.


Ahh, interesting. So if they’re interested in breeding they may stop feeding for a bit? Other than the lack of food drive, his behaviors seem healthy and normal. Active, healthy looking and his shed was complete without any problems.

Thanks for the info!

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4 weeks is no time at all for a boa to stop eating, since it is best to only feed every 2 weeks as well. Boas have very slow metabolisms and can go many months without food without issue.


Yeah, I feed every two weeks but try on the 3rd and 4th week when he rejects food. Just haven’t seen this behavior before so was curious about it and a slight bit concerned.

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