Hognose breeding - Does lack of interest mean successful mating?

Hi folks,
I’m a long time keeper but this is my first year trying to breed hognoses… After pulling my pair out of their cooling period, I introduced the male. My female immediately started twitching and everything was going great. He was clearly interested and immediately started paralleling her and lining up their vents. She did not seem agitated by this… I left him in for 4 days. I didn’t see any actual insertions, but he was draped on top of her nearly the entire 4 days with his tail wrapped around hers. So that’s all great.

I separated them to feed them, both ate readily the following day, and I gave them another 2 days after feeding before reintroducing the male (yesterday). This time, she wasn’t twitching, and he didn’t seem interested either. He made no effort to get near her and they pretty much ignored each other. So I monitored for 20 minutes and took him out. Tried again today and same result.

So my question for you hognose breeders is: Since neither of them seem interested in continued mating, would that signal that she was inseminated the first time? Should I keep trying to introduce the male every few days?


I would not say it is a guarantee but it can be an indicator if it is sustained over time. I would suggest pairing at least every two to four weeks for the next couple months. If they continue to ignore one another over that whole time then you are probably in a better position

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Great. Thanks for the advice, I very much appreciate it!

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