Hognose breeding projects

What cool projects are you working on? My top projects are producing sables from a het to het pairing, arctic lavender from an arctic het lav to dh coral and an arctic ppa from an arctic het ppa to an anaconda het ppa.

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Man I really want a hoggie at some point

This is my first time attempting to breed hognoses, but I’m just pairing my orange albino to my green phase for hets… I plan to hold back any females so I can raise them up and breed back to the male for some more visuals.

I have 0 idea what I’m doing and can only assume they’ve been copulating :joy:
The female seems to be a bottomless pit, the male started refusing food so I can only guess he’s more interested in breeding.

I’m going by the method of leaving him in most of the time while taking him out once a week to offer food. Checking on them several times a day and feeding the female if she seems hungry (don’t want any boyfriend-munching incidents haha)

I think I’m just waiting for her to go off food, then I’ll know for sure he got the job done.

That’s awesome. This is my 3rd year breeding. 2nd year with a large collection. From my limited experience the refusal of food is based off of the individual more than the interest of breeding or being gravid. I usually leave a male with a female for about 2 days then either put him back in his tub for a little break or put him with another female. I always offer food once a week (males and females in their own tubs) and most of my females eat while they are breeding and gravid. The males are a typical hit or miss. Aslong as your hogs are healthy it’s safe to assume the male will do his job.

Same here. I think Id like to have one at one point. Lil cute piggy snouted snake.

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I’m working on a snow project. Pairing an axanthic male to an albino anaconda female this year in hopes of making double hets.

Nice, snows are one of my favorites. Good luck with your breeding.

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