Hognose breeding rack and tubs

Planning on building my own rack system out of PVC. What size tubs does everyone use for male, female and hatchling hogs?


I’m working on transitioning my subadults and juveniles into these ARS tubs: https://www.arscaging.com/ars_accessories.php?model=154. Although I think walmart has a cheaper variation: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Sterilite-41-Quart-39-L-Storage-Box-Walmart-White/10401039. I planned to house both males and females in the same size tubs. But you could always put a plastic divider in if you feel like it’s too much for 1 male. For hatchlings I use 2.7qt and 6qt. The rack I built was designed for 6qt tubs but the 2.7qt with the locking lids fit on there with no issues.


That right here is some good info!!!

Thanks! That helps a bunch

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