Hognose brumation and female weight

We recently obtained a female that we were told was approx 2 yrs old. However she only weighs 170 grams and appears on the thin side. Wondering what feeding schedule we can do to help her gain weight in hopes of being able to breed this spring… would twice weekly feedings be appropriate?

Also, I originally planned to start brumation at the end of November. However in order to give her more time to gain weight, I have read some other breeders do not start brumation until January. Is it realistic that she may gain sufficient weight by January to go in to brumation? Is there any reason starting brumation so late in the season would be a negative thing? Curious if the brumation time frame is solely based on breeder preference?

You can feed every 5 days now that does not guarentee that the animal will be 225/250 grams by the time of brumation (nothing is ever a guarentee) but you have a good chance.

As for Brumation it’s fine I usually start mine early to mid December and only for a period of 30 days, some people start earlier and for 90 days, there are several ways to do it.