Hognose Corkscrew movement

Hello all! Could anyone help me determine a matter with my newest hognose? I have a Super Arctic Albino female that I recently just got, and when I had taken her out of the box, I noticed she had a bit of a corkscrew type of movement in her panic. I went to check on her again the day after, and she still has this type of movement. I’m currently leaving her be in hopes it’s just a stress thing that she can get over, but any other advice might help. I had one I got a little over a year ago do the same thing, but she’s just fine now, and she didn’t do it when she panicked. Anyways, thanks for reading

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Have you used any chemicals or mite treatment on or around her or her enclosure?

Excessive heat can also cause this. It is possible that the wrong type of heat pack was used, or it malfunctioned, or it was too close to the animal.

Sorry for the late reply, but to the first question, no, I haven’t used any harmful chemicals near her, or the enclosure, and to the second response, that’s where the issue starts. Where I live, it’s decently cold, but for some reason a heat pack wasn’t included? I’ve had most of my animals shipped to me in the cold, but she was probably the coldest one I’ve gotten. I tried to acclimate her to room temps before allowing her freedom in her heated enclosure, I’m just worried with how cold she was, my timing was too early. However with all that being said, her movement is becoming normal as she slithers around, and she even took her first meal offering, no problem. It’s just when she’s touched, or startled is when it’s really noticed.



Keep in mind Hogs are drama queens and she could just be extra dramatic. If under calm conditions she acts normal, poops normal, eats normal… You might have yourself a theater child who lives for the drama.


I had that thought in mind, that she was trying to play dead, but for the life of her couldn’t completely figure it out. Mostly was asking for closure, since it was a bit of a new thing for me