Hognose eggs forming windows early on?

These eggs aren’t a week old yet and I’m running into some problems. The first photo is how I found them, very dehydrated and deflated. So I put some moss in there with them to help with that. A few days later I check on them and now they all seem to have windows starting, so I took the moss out. There is condensation on the sides of the tub, but none on the lid. I have no holes in the container. Should I put holes in it? The perlite was mixed so when I squeezed it no water dripped out but it clumped together and then fell apart easily when I put pressure on it. No water is accumulating on the bottom. Are they in trouble or will they be okay? They plumped up significantly since I first found them, but now They’re developing windows at a fast pace…

@elementalherps would be a trusted source of hog info

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it’s looking a little on the humid side. I’d suggest popping the lid off (assuming you have one on) for a few minutes, to let some of that humidity dissipate. You can also put dry sphagnum moss around the eggs to help absorb some of the humidity. I’ve used this product to help control humidity during incubation: https://www.joshsfrogs.com/new-zealand-sphagnum-moss-100-grams.html

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I poked 4 thumbtack sized holes on the sides. Since I’ve taken the moist moss out the humidity has gone down, as in less condensation on the sides. I hope the holes don’t dry it out now.

Do the eggs still look to be okay? 2 days ago when I candles them they all had strong veins. I didn’t check today because I don’t want to move them too much.

It’s hard to say, some didn’t look too good from the beginning. I’ve had some really moldy eggs hatch healthy hogs though. I’d keep incubating, worst that could happen is they go moldy, but that wouldn’t affect the good eggs.

If the humidity does drop, sprinkle water around the eggs, not directly on them. I find it’s easier to slow increase the humidity with fewer detrimental effects, than the opposite way around.


Sucky thing is that in my panic of trying to save these eggs I forgot I wasn’t supposed to spray them directly, and that’s exactly what I did. I wouldn’t be surprised if I lost them all just from that, but I’m trying my hardest to prevent that.

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It happens, we all learn from our mistakes :upside_down_face: I had great luck incubating using SIM containers for 3 years, until this year. I had a handful of clutches go bad, proven females get egg bound. I ended up juggling 1 clutch between 4 different containers and incubation media’s. Remember that it’s easier to increase humidity gradually, than to decrease.