Hognose Ghost

Are they mythical unicorns, perhaps a bonified ghost? Haven’t been able to find anything but Hets. Historical sales on MorphMarket don’t show any visuals. I can only find a few pictures on the internet that appear to be the same snake which also appear to be featured in John R. Berry’s book. Anyone have 1st hand experience with these? Do they really exist? Do you have pictures you can share? This ghost is alluding me rather well. :ghost:

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When you mention ghost do you refer to Double Recessive Hypo Axanthic or Hypo, simply asking because the term ghost has been used differently with different species (sometime correctly sometime not) so I want to make sure that we are referring to the same thing.

Ghost (Double Recessive) do exist but like any double recessive projects they do take time and like with any species some project are more popular than others and will be pursued more than others by breeders.


Specifically, the Evans Hypo Axanthic dble recessive Ghost. They were apparently 1st produced in 2010 by Vin Russo and Richard Hume. Last April I purchased a female 66% het for Evans Hypo and Axanthic, in hopes of finding a visual male or 100% hets to hopefully produce a few. I can only find 66% hets, no visuals. Heck I can’t even find 100% hets for this specific ghost. Its been 10 years!

There was one listed on MM a while back, but the photo did not resemble the Vin Russo animal. Makes me wonder if the Vin Russo animal was something special. I’ve been actively looking for that animal or 100%hets for 10 months now.

MM Ghost posting: https://www.morphmarket.com/us/c/reptiles/colubrids/western-hognose/228218

Russo/Hume animal: http://www.cuttingedgeherp.com/westernhognosesnakes.html scroll down to ghost.

Was curious if anyone is working with this ghost line and has produced an animal that looks like the Russo/Hume animal pictured?

There’s an Evan’s Hypo here: edit - nope

Is that what you’re looking for?

I misread. I see. You’re right: they just aren’t there.

I don’t keep up on the western hognose morphs but I should. :frowning: I’m assuming you don’t see too many “just Evan’s Hypo” because they’ve all been surpassed by combos like Snow.

Ghost hasn’t gained the popularity that Toxic (DV Toffee Axanthic) is seeing, hence the scarcity. There have been a few clutches in the last couple years, but most breeders hold them back for future pairings. We hatched this Ghost boy last season and hope to pair him in a couple years

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Thanks for sharing. Now I have to ask…whats up with Deetz? Also, is that who you used for your profile picture?

I’ve got an Evans Hypo Het Axanthic, PPA -x- virgin Het Evans Hypo, Axanthic, Caramel unrelated pairing going on right now with one lock so far. If everything works out I’ll have a 1-in-8 shot at making a Ghost. Never even seen one in person but :crossed_fingers: I will in my incubator soon!

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@redridgereptiles That’s great, hope you hit on it. I wonder if the Dutch, Smoke or Platinum Hypo produce a similar looking Ghost?

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Sorry, late reply. I’m not sure what’s up with Deetz (yes, the profile pic), he’s half related to our “super woodruff” looking one Blinkey.