Hognose Habitat

Hi there,

I’m looking at getting a plains/western hognose later this year/early next year and I have a question about enclosures.

I’ve seen it mentioned that hogs get easily stressed if their enclosures are too big, so I was wondering if something around the size of a medium exo terra faunarium would be a good starting point or if even that would be too big?

I was looking at maybe converting a small plastic fish tank or something like that. I often see references to quart tubs but don’t know the exact measurements for them haha. Looking to be as cost effective as possible but I’d still like to have a nice display enclosure, which is why I was looking at the plastic fish tanks since they’re clear plastic (would block out 3 sides for security).

Thanks for any input!

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It depends what size the snake is. If it’s a smaller snake (<25g then use something about 5 gallons or 6 qt tub, about 15" x 10" x 5"). I’m not sure about other sizes though. I would still recommend plastic storage tubs since they are clear and very visible. They’re also very cheap and easy to use and clean.

Thank you for the input! That definitely helps put the size in perspective and convert to metric haha.

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