Hognose morph id

Can anyone tell me if any of these 3 are anaconda? I have no clue when it comes to hognoses. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Yes on number 3
Number 2 is a likely
I would say no on one but really a Belly pic would help I have seen some very low expression that can be mistaken for normal, but the belly cannot be mistaken.


Ok I’ll get some pictures 2 and 3 are supposed to be anaconda.

There is no doubt they are I don’t even need belly pic for #3 to know #2 I am pretty sure as well.


belly picture of 1 and 2


Any chance they are something other than Conda? Especially on the 1st and 3rd. The colors seem different than a typical wild.

Some new pics. Not sure they are like possible het for everything lol. I don’t work with hognoses. So I’m totally new to this

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Number 3 is Definitely Conda. But the color is so light and orange there has to be something else young on with that one. Be fun to breed and see what comes of it. 1 has some reduced wild patterning going on as well. What do their bellies look like?

I posted belly pics of two of them the third has an all black belly. One and three I was told were conda. They are all 3 poss het for something or another.

1- Normal
2- Anaconda (low expression)
3- Anaconda

3 looks like something else is going on with it as well. Maybe toffee or a type of hypo? hard to say for sure w/o test breeding but that’s a cool looking one.

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He’s the male he’s possible het for albino axanthic and toffee. I like him for sure. Your Id was the same one I was given for the 3.