Hognose n00b here

Hi! So I’m contemplating getting a li’l hog babe soon. I’ve kept snakes in the past, but not a hognose, so I’m still in the research phase so I can be prepared.

This might be a dumb question, purely just out of curiosity–is there a reason why herp supply stores don’t just start selling toads as feeders in addition to mice since some snakes are so finicky? (maybe toads are legit not easy or fun to breed, I have no idea).

Not that I wanna send myself down that road of frustration anyway. Like I said, just a question I keep wondering about while reading up.

When you buy an established feeder you do not need any toads, now eastern hognose may be a little more tricky to get on mice but same thing if you buy an establish feeder it will not be an issue.

I will also advise against using toads, one because if you do offer toads they may never switch back and two because of parasites.


Yeah, I already knew that part

Supply stores don’t offer toads mostly because they are not a feeder commonly used. And as Deb mentioned they often carry parasites like fish feeders can.
If you’re looking for a hog, I suggest a very reputable breeder. Not all but some breeders sell this species with to few meals under their belt and not that well established.
The good breeders won’t sell this species until they are a little heavier and consistently taking mice.


ah good to know. thanks!

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You’re welcome.
And if you have any questions pertaining to care that you can’t find during your research, I highly recommend asking @stewart_reptiles. Deb breeds this species and she knows them better than most.