Hognose randomly off food?

Hey there, I hope everyone is doing great today!

I’m quite new to the community and snakes in general. I recently picked up a hognose this Feb and she’s great. Except that as of roughly 5 weeks ago she decided she didn’t want to eat anymore. She’s 11mths and 24ish grams. Normally she goes straight at her food but the past while she’s been smelling it and ignoring it. I know that hogs can be finicky sometimes this seems so random. Nothing changed since she was eating normally. I originally got her to eat by putting her in a smaller container and scenting with some salmon but she doesn’t seem all that interested in that anymore. Shes very active and roams the enclosure everyday. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or it’s just hognose things?

Enclosure details:

20g Long tank

undertank heater - 95 degrees

aspen bedding - 2-3in

lots of leaves and clutter

a water dish

tank lights are set for 10 hour cycle

humidity - around 60% atm, I’m getting a dehumidifier to try and bring that down a bit.

I also have a ball python in the same room as her. The bp is on the far wall about 10 ft away; not sure if that affects anything.

Thanks everyone

I would say lower the temp of that UTH to around 88°F, and no more than 90°F. 95°F is much too high on a UTH for a snake that burrows. And given her size, I would consider downsizing her enclosure. Easiest thing to use would be a tub, and I wouldn’t recommend anything bigger than a 10 gallon tank.

At a uear d a female should be aroundn 50 to 75 grams so there are a few thing to address here.

Temps: Too high

Enclosute:Too big at this size 6 quarts tub or 5 gallons tank is more than enough

Food: Your feeding regimen should have been every 3 to 4 days than 5 to 7 than 7 days.