Hognose Sexing Help

This normal hognose was sold to me as a male but i’m 90% sure based on the tail it’s female. Just looking for a confirmation of my thoughts.


Replying to follow. I also have a hog that was sold to me as a female and I am not 100% sure I believe that. Seeing if anyone posts anything that can help me out too. Can I see the rest of the snek?

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@tobibot That does look like a female to me.

Here’s a useful little visual guide:

Picture Credit @stewart_reptiles


Here is the rest of the snake.


I would say that’s almost definitely a female. Though sometimes there can be exceptions, it looks female to me. Try getting it probed though, that will tell you for sure.

Popping would tell you for sure, in some cases probing can give false information (like a female probing male). Where as popping is fool proof so long as you know how to do it. On top of probing being a bit more risky on a snake of that size.


I am also having trouble seeing my hog nose, when it was younger it appeared to be a female but now I am much less certain of this.

It is admittedly a bit hard to tell, but I think you have a female. The tail still tapers pretty quickly from the cloaca even though the tail is a bit longer, rather than being gradually tapered.

Here’s an image for reference:

Image credit to @stewart_reptiles

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I also think that yours looks a lot more like a female than a male.

Thanks a lot!

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