Hognose shedding question

I have a hoggie named Hoagie that I got as a baby 2 years ago, He has always been a sporadic eater which I have learned to deal with. However, I have only seen evidence of a shed maybe 3 times since I have had him. Could he be possibly eating his shed skin?

I think I have read about snakes eating their own sheds.

Thank you in advance for any feedback!

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That is interesting, I’ve never heard of it, but see it was asked in older forums. I do have a few questions that might help determine whats going on

  1. You said he eats sporadically, how often does he take a meal? Shedding is based on growth especially in young snakes, if he’s being super picky = slow growth = less sheds vs. A non picky eater.

  2. What size food is he on?

  3. Do you know how much he has grown since you got him?

  4. Whats his enclosure like? (Bedding, heat, etc) i know in a bioactive or humid enviorment the sheds are just eatenby inverts/turn to mush in water if left too long


Ok so he only weighed about 10 grams when I got him but he has grown considerably in the last 2 years, in girth and length. I will weigh him tomorrow and let you know how many grams he is now.

He has always eaten F/T, starting out with pinks, then fuzzies. He accepted a small adult mouse maybe 3 times since I have had him but he seems to prefer fuzzies. He ate 3 fuzzies 3 weeks ago but refused his meal the last 2 weeks. Sporadic for him is a couple of fuzzies each week for a couple of weeks and then refusal for a couple of weeks. He has been this way since I got him.

He has been on shredded aspen up until a month ago when I switched him to bio active. There has been plenty of time for me to see sheds on the aspen bedding.

Hence, this is why I am wondering about the seemingly lack of shedding……

I will get a weight on him tomorrow and let you know……

Thank you for your assistance!


Also he is afraid of live anything and his hotel temps are hoggie hot. He is in a tub with lots of places to hide and explore and burrow. His substrate (Terra Sahara) came from the Bio Dude. He seems very comfortable. He was in a glass tank previously. And he is a pet only…….

If he’s in a bioactive, are the cleanup crew eating his sheds? You’d still certainly be seeing him go blue occasionally, but either he or the bugs could be eating his sheds before you find them. Do you notice his eyes and color go cloudy?

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I have only noticed the blue and cloudy a couple of times and he has only been in the bio active about a month. Before that he has been on shredded aspen…… I really believe he is eating his sheds……

It would be fun to get a camera to put in there! Only one time have I ever heard of a snake eating its own sheds. I can’t remember what species it was though.

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I’ve never had any of my hognoses eat their own sheds, so I think this is more just a case of him not growing enough to shed that often due to the sporadic eating?

My adult hoggies get fed once a week, babies twice a week until they’re big enough for hoppers, which then they’ll be switched to just the once a week.

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That sounds plausible. I am going to weigh him later and send a picture of him on the scale……

Did you mean hopper mice? Hoppers are a bit smaller than weaned/small mice, if you went from fuzzies to small adults the size may intimidate him

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No I meant small mice. Here he is:


Okay, just making sure. A large increase in food size can intimidate some snakes (might explain why he is hesitant to eat the larger meals.) He does look to be a good size for his age (maybe a smidge on the small side but he is a sporadic feeder)

This is very interesting, i can see now why the shed eating was considered. I believe hognoses have been known to cannibalize as they are opportunistic hunters, But that these incidences are very rare (if they happen at all)

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Thank you for your input and time. Of all my “kids” he has been pretty much my only problem child.

I am still convinced that he is eating his sheds. If that is in fact the case, maybe that’s why he has been sporadically eating his fuzzies/mice. I have also read that eating the shed skin is very healthy for the snake………

He is an odd duck! At least I know that he is not too underweight. I will check in with you after he has been in his bio for a bit longer and let you know what’s going on……

Thank you again! :wink::snake::+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Update: Hoagie shed last week in a whole piece! It was way under his substrate!

Yay!!! :lizard::frog::snake:


Glad to hear he is doing well! Always love happy updates!!