Hognose snake information

Hello everyone! I’m relatively new to this community and I’m currently a new snake mom to a now four month old Pastel ball python named Layla.

In the next few months, I’m hoping to become a mom to a hognose snake! I don’t plan on running into getting a new snake right now, I still need lots of information. I know hognoses need very different care than ball pythons, and I’m looking for every scrap of information I can get.

How big of an enclosure is good? Do they prefer tubs or glass? Humidity levels? How big do they grow? Different types of food they eat? Any tips and/or tricks you wished you knew when you first became a hognose parent? Any and all information is welcome, and I hope to share many experiences with everyone!

… Do I need to pay a picture tax?

This is Layla about a week into her new home last month.


The size of the enclosure will depend on the size of the animal you are getting, if you get an animal under 25 grams a 6 quarts tub or 5 gallons tank will be ideal along with proper temperatures, thick layer of bedding allowing your snake to bury itself in.

The main mistake new keeper do is that they do not feed enough, hognose have a fast metabolism and because at first the prey fed is meaningless (pinkie mice) the animal need to be fed more often, at least every 3 to a days.

If is best to feed mice throughout their lives as they sill max out with adult mice, and while a rat pup is the same size they are however lacking the calcium and lean muscle provided by mice.

Something important when ready to buy a hognose is to make sure the animal has fed enough time on unscented and on F/T as it can be tricky to wean them off scented or live prey (and finding live pinkies is not an easy task)

If you are looking for a pet I will recommend a female, males are great but do stay small and have a tendency to be more inconsistent feeder which can get frustrating.

Size wise you are looking at 15 to 36 inches females being bigger than males and also heavier.


Thank you so much for your help! I really do appreciate it!

When it comes to picky eating, are they as bad as ball pythons? Cuz I know they’ve got their own reputation of being picky eaters as well. I managed to get my girl to switch from live to pre-killed after I think three feedings (I just have to go to the local reptile shop every week, but I am not complaining). If you’ve had both, which are the pickiest?

And in personal opinion, which do you prefer for hognoses? Glass tanks or tubs? Also, under tank pads or lighting bulbs?

Male hognose will just go through those long phase without eating, now females are just garbage disposal and once you switched to f/t you don’t even have to warm them up they are so voracious. In comparaison to BP, BP are still more difficult food wise.

I breed hognose so in that regard I prefer tubs with belly heat in the form heat tape, if I had a single pet I would have it on display in an exoterra most likely and use a heat pad, I would probably provide a bioactive setup as well.


I saw on Snake Discovery ( a informational snake YouTube channel ) that for a hog you want a 5-10 g for a baby / newborn and for an adult a 20 g. I just got a baby hog less than a week ago and she has a 10 g terrarium. she loves it. if you need more information I suggest watching snake discovery videos or contacting LLLReptile if you live in AZ or contact your local pet/reptile store that can give you some advice.