Hognose substrate

Good whatever-you-are-presently-experiencing, MorphMarket . It’s evening here in upstate ny. I have a question for you hognose people. What are you guys using as substrate? Presently my girl is on aspen. There is not problem with it, just wondering if there is anything that you guys have used that worked better for the snek. I have been doing a bunch of research because we are getting close to a full tank cleaning and if I am going to make a change, I am going to make it then. If you have a specific blend or off the shelf product that your hog seemed to dig a bunch, please let me know.


This is Dia, by the way. 8 month old Toffeeconda. She was my very first morph market purchase.


Aspen! Perfect for them to tunnel in and it even leaves the tunnel hole/shape for them to go back into.:slight_smile:

Glad I’ve saved this picture since it seems to be good to use on multiple occasions. Anyways, this is the bedding I use. It’s still aspen but chipped instead of shredded. It holds its shape as well as the shredded but there is one key difference. Safer if ingested. A breeder friend of mine lost one of her snakes due to it having ingested a small piece of the bedding. And the reason for that is the piece of aspen shred pierced the snake’s digestive track. And while this is probably something that has a low probability… Why take the risk when there is a just as safe and equal alternative?