Hognose won't breed HELP

I am relatively new to breeding hogs and have a problem with a male who just doesnt seem to understand how nature works.
He is about 18 months old, 80g (slow grower), correctly sexed, went through brumation and everything.
Whenever I try to pair him, the female starts her little twitching and he slithers around and ontop of her, but even after several hours, there is no lock. He just eventually curls up in a corner and relaxes.
Any ideas or tips how I can get him to breed?
He is old enough, heavy enough, well fed, was brumated (out for about 2-3 weeks now with several meals) and the females are showing their typical breeding behaviour. I just don’t get it.

Ps: I have two other males who bred for me last year and also this year went straight into ‘it’ and already serviced one female each after brumation. So this new male kinda is the odd one out.

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I first want to say, welcome to the forums! There are a lot of helpful people here and I’m sure you will get some great advice.

How long are you leaving him in with the female for? My first male took two months to finally figure it out and get the female gravid.


Thank you for your warm welcome!

I left him in for up to 9 hours on several occasions and once over night.
I am a bit worried that he will take too long to figure it out and I’ll have to use one of the other males for his intended females since I don’t want those girls to not breed at all this year.
How often and for how long did you try with that male?


I don’t breed hogs, so I won’t be much help with terms of timing and what not. But sometimes, animals just don’t feel like it lol.

I breed ball pythons and it’s always frustrating when you think a female should be building eggs and laying soon, but she just decides she doesn’t want to this year.

Hopefully he’s able to get the job done for you and doesn’t keep slacking off.

Do people do similar things with hogs like they do with ball pythons? Like putting another males shed in the females tub to make him think he’s got competition? Just a thought.


I always leave the males in for 2-3 days at a time, remove to feed and back in 2 days later. Not sure how much difference it makes but I also leave the females feces (not excessive of course) and any shed in.

@nswilkerson1 I have heard others say they add male sheds for a competitive scent. The female’s also supposedly helps. I had a different male last year that was so uninterested that I added a second male in and that really kicked things up a notch. Of course you run the risk of the second male breeding, but it was compatible genetics so all worked out in the end.