Holdback CBB Southern Toads From My First Spawn 2022

Here are a few pictures of some CBB Southern Toads I held back from my first ever spawn of this species back on March 9th, 2022. I kept about 30 of the 200 babies that I got out of the water, and I’m very happy with how they have grown and colored up. I’ll be trying to get a spawn from them this upcoming breeding season in 2023 if everything goes as planned. I also included a picture of their parents spawning, a picture of the tadpoles, and a picture of the Toadlets coming out of the water.


Super awesome, thanks for sharing! I just love toads!

There’s a toad that lives under my front step (I think), and I always get happy when I see him cruising for bugs. He was out there on my birthday and gave me quite a smile.

Around 2004, I worked extensively with fire-bellied toads in a research setting. The oldest individual (female) was at least 22 years old!


That’s so cool! Ever since they stopped exporting Fire Bellied Toads they’ve been getting really hard to find in the hobby. I’d like to breed those guys at some point as well, they’re such cool animals.


Love the toads! That’s really cool!


@spottedbull Thank you! They really make great pets. It’s unfortunate that most of the frog hobby seems to pay Toads as a whole little attention as far as breeding is concerned. Tons of Pacmans and Tree Frogs produced every year, but almost no True Toads, even though truth be told Toads make infinitely better captives (in my opinion) than most Pacman or Tree Frog species.