Holdback due to Extra Crests?

Wondering about everyone’s thoughts on this potentially unique crested gecko, produced by two of my dark tri-colors. He has some extra spikes at the base of his tail, but perhaps this is not unusual - just something I haven’t seen in my years of breeding. Definitely had lots of babies from this pair and this is the only one to show such pronounced crests. For now, I think I will hold him back as a potential future breeder.


So this can happen, even double/triple rows!
Just a weird mutation I think, I had a male hatch with triple row couple years ago!

So holding back generally will be if he’s what you want from the pair to work with!


Thank you for the response - I think I will keep him back!


I haven’t seen this, but I also haven’t looked for it either.

If your planning to keep him, might be worth looking for another with this (might take some time) to see what the 2 together might produce :woman_shrugging:

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