Holy Grail Retic

We were blessed with the opportunity to recently receive our holy grail retic the other day. We got this girl from Aubrey and Brittany Pruitt over at A&B Exotics and I couldnt be more excited. This girl is an Ocelot 66% Poss Het Indo Caramel. Ocelot is one of the newest and hottest recessive genes in retics today. I have some awesome ideas for this girl and projects I would love to do with her. For now though, we are just happy to be apart of the project and can not wait to see this girl grow and mature into a stunning adult.

What is everyones HOLY GRAIL retic they would want to add?


You have it lol :joy:. I am taken back by the beauty of that retic!


She is a stunner! I’ll have to wait for your future plans, but it won’t be easy!


That is a big question for me. Personally, I would just love to have a female purple sunfire goldenchild for myself or a female purple genetic stripe sunfire lol :joy:

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She’s a beauty!

I’m still new to retics, and only have a single male that’s still a baby.
I think I’m gonna wait until my boy is a bit more grown before I decide if I want to get into breeding them, just to make sure they’re something I can handle.
He’s a mochino poss het anthrax, so I’d probably pick up a visual female to try proving that out.

I think my dreamie is (I think) a motley goldenchild — just a dark snake to bring out those pretty iridescent colors!

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Motley Goldenchilds are one of my favorite combos personally.


My holy grail would be a super dwarf super tiger albino pied. I would love to produce it myself but I won’t have the funds, space, or time to pick up that project for a while.