Holy grail species obtained - Henkels Leaf tail

I’ve been absolutely desperate for one of these guys, and considering how uncommon they seem to be in the UK, I never thought I’d own one. I just so happened to be in my local shop when a gent handed a couple of his animals in for rehoming.

My partner was happy to half him with me with Christmas money, as he knows it’s an absolute dream of mine, and the rest is history. We picked him up yesterday and he’s currently settling in. I’m absolutely in love.

We have a few of my other dream species already, like our Ackie and Blue tongue, as well as a friend sending us his Tokay next month to take care of, and every time I walk through my reptile room, it just reinforces my love for the hobby.

Have any of you picked up your dream species recently?


Very nice! Gotta love the leaf tails.

Picked up a male, then female abronia Oaxacae not too long ago. Super chill lizards that make me happy every time they are out.


Wow congrats :grin: was meant to be!

They are on my list to own one day.

I own several crested geckos and I love them too pieces. But I do think about owning other species.

So happy for you. Your partner sounds great to have helped make this happen for you


Congrats on your new leaftail! I have yet to get any Uroplatus of my own, but I hope to keep U. ebenui in the future. All the Uroplatus are so cool, it surprises me that they aren’t more popular in the hobby.

Some of my dream species I’ll likely not be able to ever keep for practical reasons, but I’m mostly ok with that… except for blood pythons! They’re so cool! :grin: I’d also love to keep a shingleback skink/pinecone lizard/bobtail, but I don’t think I’ll ever find one that was 100% legally acquired and CBB in the USA. :woman_shrugging: Another dream species would be a Boelen’s python, but they’re just too big/heavy for me. (I’m disabled.) :weary:


That’s such a great find! Congratulations! Hopefully you can get it bred and make some more for the community! Best of luck with your new friend.

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