Home Depot Cypress Mulch

Hi all! I have been using cypress mulch for my substrate on my big snakes for years. Recently, I noticed one of my girls has mites. I have not had mites in years and have not added anything to the collection. The only variable is the mulch. I get mine from lowes and home depot. Has anyone else had mites show up attributed to the bedding?

Are they snake mites or are they wood mites? Snake mites are black and will lodge themselves beneath the scales, wood mites will crawl all over the snake but are white and harmless.

I sincerely doubt snake mites would come on a bag of mulch from a hardware store. There simply isn’t any exposure route to snake mites or eggs via the way that mulch is created at a mill.


Any shows or friends with snakes? One time I went to a show and shortly after that day, most of my bottom rows had mites. Only thing I could think of was the show and the mites falling/jumping off me.

I used home Depot mulch for years, never had an issue. As said above I can’t imagine you getting them from a hardware store.

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