Homemade racks

If any of you have made custom homemade racks share what you’ve made! Would love to see the differences in the styles they are made and what material you guys used.

These are the two racks that my buddy built for me himself. Love it!


@nathan_e those are pretty nice! There’s a guy in a couple Fb groups I’m in that keeps trying to sell me some he made and they look like actual pieces of garbage lol.


I always recommend ikea.

I’ve made my boa enclosures from ikea wardrobes as they are cheap, easy to build and spare parts are readily available. All of their furniture is coated in melamine (the plastic-like coating on wooden vivs).


Good idea! I may actually do that or something similar in the future for my larger snakes

Wardrobe carcass 180cm X 90cm X 55cm (no doors/shelves, just the frame) - £51

Clear acrylic - £66 (I’m pretty certain it was around £50 when I purchased it so I’m guessing their prices have gone up.)

Aquarium silicon - ~£10

Screws - ~£2

Here it is half way through being built, I had just fastened the logs and branches in place for extra support.

Here it was around last year when i decided it was ready for Drogo to call home.

At the minute he is in a smaller enclosure while I do a background for him… Here’s how that’s going so far

This has been a way bigger project than actually building the enclosure and one I really regret d.i.y-ing, next time I’m just going to buy a background.


The biggest reason I haven’t used IKEA is I’m moving at the end of my lease and their furniture is so heavy. I’d vastly prefer a professionally made rack system but once I move I’ll evaluate if I can get a quality setup homemade. I’m not willing to sacrifice that for my snakes though.


I was contacted by that guy i think,is he from USA? He said itwould be cheap him shipping to UK​:scream::scream: