Hopeful hognose?

What Western Hognose projects are everyone most excited about in their collection this year?

I’ve got a small chance at producing a Super Yeti, but am probably most excited about a chance at making my first Toxic after raising up the ingredients and now getting eggs from the resulting double hets. Here are the grandparents of the incubating eggs:

Here was one of my most exciting hatchings last year:


I’m just producing possible hets right now, albino and axanthic. Next year I should be producing albino and albino conda. It’s a slow start but I hope to get some other recessives into the collection soon.


This year not much the things I am excited about in the near future with some animals I am growing are pretty simple since to me they are a side project, Snow Conda, Snow Super Conda, Axanthic Super Conda, Lemon Ghost Conda, Super Arctic Conda, and Diablo.


Wow! Those babies are beautiful! We are pairing our Hoggies for the first time this year. Super excited.