Hot and Cold Weather Shipping

Hey y’all,
It’s currently 104+ degrees in Phoenix, AZ, which is where I live (RIP)
I want to know when people start and stop shipping here again, once it cools down, cause I’m looking to buy another ball python but it’s so hot that literally nobody feels comfy shipping (especially me)
So do y’all know when shipping starts up again, and when it stops for the winter in AZ, specifically the Phoenix area?

Here’s my newest addition Eve lookin cute as compensation for y’all troubles (:

(100% het clown pos. het hypo)

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It depends on the seller, their level of comfort, and their level of experience with shipping in hot temperatures. That being said, I’ve occasionally had a snake shipped to me in September, but usually October and November are good months for shipping. When I’m trying to arrange shipping, I’ll check each week what the temps are predicted to be. Sometimes a storm will give you a nice little window where it’s cool enough to ship safely.


Agree with @solarserpents I just shipped to Texas last week, it was hot but we saw on my end there was a cooler day and also made sure to ship to a fedex hub that way it arrives in the a.m. and sits inside the building, instead of a hot truck all day long. More work for the buyer to go pick it up but worth it for the safety of your snake. I would wait till your temps get down to the mid 90s and get it shipped to a hub. Also don’t ask the seller to use a cold pack for snakes, it can cause more harm then help. Only good for amphibians!


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention holding at the FedEx Ship Center - excellent idea regardless of temps. I think the only one we have in the Phoenix area is the one in Tempe on Hardy Drive. They’re excellent there. My snake shipments are always kept inside in the air conditioning and they almost always arrive much earlier than they’re guaranteed by.


Thank you both very much! Can’t wait for it to get back into the 90s, or for some proper rain to hit and cool us down :sweat_smile: I hadn’t heard the thing about cool packs and amphibians, I’ll be sure to note that!