Hottentotta Franzwerneri 3i

This is a photo of my baby Hottentotta Franzwerneri. This species gets amazing colors as it ages. This is a slow growing species, it may take a few years to reach maturity.

This photo i took using my phone with black light flashlight. I try to to use black lighting too much for the sake of my scorpions.

Out of all my scorpions i worry the most about this species because of the need to balance humidity and dryness. This species cannot have too wet or too dry.

I hope i get to care for her for years to come, im excited for her coloration, one of the most beautiful scorpions in the world.

This is what an adult looks like


I love these guys! I can’t wait to see her adult colors come in.

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See…somwthing else thats on my list. Nice looking specimen!

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Yes this species is amazing :heart: it make take about 3 years to fully mature but im excited to watch it grow snd change. This is a popular animal amongst scorpion keepers.

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Love the colours on these guys. Definitely one of the prettiest scorpions I’ve seen! I can’t wait to see more pictures as yours continues to grow, thanks for sharing.